At each national conference, NAMLE honors people and organizations who have had great impact on the media literacy community and beyond.

2017 NAMLE Award Winners Announced

Awards ceremony to take place on Tuesday, June 27 at 6pm at Roosevelt University. Ceremony open to conference attendees only. To register for the conference, click here.

Elizabeth Thoman Service Award

In 2003, the NAMLE (then AMLA) Board created the Meritorious Service Award “to be given to individuals or projects that have significantly contributed to the growth and quality of the field of media literacy.” This award is intended to honor those who have given many years of service helping to build infrastructure or otherwise remaining mostly behind-the-scenes, and often unacknowledged.

This year, NAMLE is changing the name of the award in honor of Elizabeth Thoman, founding board member of NAMLE. Liz also founded the Center for Media Literacy and was a leading voice in the American media literacy movement during her life. Liz passed away in December 2016. Read more about Liz’s legacy in this issue of “Connect!ons.”

Outstanding Volunteer Award

This award is specifically in recognition of a non-Board member volunteering a substantial amount of time in service of a specific NAMLE project or initiative.This award is given to a volunteer who has devoted many hours to his/her volunteer task(s) over a period of three or more months.

Media Literacy Researcher Award

This award is specifically in recognition of a researcher advancing the field of media literacy.

Media Literacy Teacher Award

This award is given to a PK12 teacher integrating a strong media literacy curriculum. The award may be given to a teacher in any subject area, as long as their curriculum reflects strong integration of media literacy concepts as detailed NAMLE’s Core Principles of Media Literacy Education (

Media Literate Media Award

The Media Literate Media Awards are designed to interest mainstream media in doing, covering or including media literacy in their work by recognizing outstanding contributions made by mainstream media professionals with national reach.

The NAMLE Media Literate Media Awards recognize people, programs, initiatives, or organizations in mainstream media that:

  • Have raised the visibility of media literacy education or media literacy or,
  • Have helped citizens better understand media literacy education or media literacy, or
  • Have provided significant, outstanding resources that enhance the ability of educators to practice the kind of inquiry-based media literacy education described in NAMLE’s Core Principles of Media Literacy Education (