2023 NAMLE Awards

2023 NAMLE Award Winners

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Logos of the 2023 Media Literate Media Award Winners

At each national conference, NAMLE strives to honor those individuals and organizations who have exhibited impactful service, practice, or efforts that have greatly impacted the media literacy community and beyond. This year’s awards to be presented the evening before NAMLE’s 2023 conference, July 13. The conference will be held July 14-15, 2023.


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Come kick off the 2023 NAMLE conference with an evening of celebration for the media literacy community from 7pm to 8:30pm ET! We will be honoring community members with the awards below.




Elizabeth Thoman Service Award

Formerly known as the Meritorious Service Award, the Elizabeth Thoman Service Award honors those who have given many years of service to the field of media literacy. The award was re-named in honor of Elizabeth Thoman, founding board member of NAMLE. This award recognizes individuals or projects that have significantly contributed to the growth and quality of the field of media literacy over the years.

Media Literacy Teacher Award 

Subcategories: PK-12 Teacher Award, Higher Education Teacher Award

This award is given in each conference year to a teacher integrating a strong media literacy curriculum in PK-12 and/or higher education. The award may be given to a teacher in any subject area or grade level, who’s curriculum reflects a strong  integration of media literacy concepts as detailed in the Core Principles of Media Literacy Education. Nominees from PK-12 and higher education will be evaluated and awarded separately.

Media Literacy Community Award 

This award honors those who are making significant contributions to their community through their time, actions, and dedication to media literacy education (e.g. leading a community based organization, volunteering to advance legislation, working with youth in an afterschool program). Nominees exemplify a spirit of generosity and collaboration in their roles as community leaders and/or active volunteers.

Media Literacy Researcher Award

This award recognizes a researcher whose work is advancing the field of media literacy by providing resources and/or facilitating the work of the MLE community. The committee will consider nominees with an expansive body of work as well as those with a singular notable work (e.g. program, project, etc.).

Media Literacy Youth Award

This award recognizes a middle or high school student who exemplifies media literacy in action. Their work and activities have showcased their ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create and act using multiple forms of communication. Nominees exemplify leadership qualities and a passion for media literacy education.

Media Literate Media Award

The Media Literate Media Awards are designed to inspire and recognize media makers who cover or include media literacy in their work, and make outstanding contributions with national reach.

The Media Literate Media Awards recognize people, programs, initiatives, or organizations in media that:

  • Have raised the visibility of media literacy education or media literacy or,
  • Have helped citizens better understand media literacy education or media literacy, 
  • Have advanced media literacy skills through their content, or
  • Have provided significant, outstanding resources that enhance the ability of educators to practice the kind of inquiry-based media literacy education.


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