NAMLE 2022 Conference Theme

Level Up: Building a Media Literate World

Over the last decade, we have seen media literacy education move into the cultural conversation. Calls for media literacy education reverberate in classrooms everywhere, at education conferences, in policy meetings, and in the local and national news. We have seen astounding growth in practice, research, community-based efforts, and policy. To witness how the media literacy community has grown in number and in force is truly amazing. 

However, despite the obvious progress, we find ourselves still struggling to enact media literacy education on a national and global level. While our grassroots efforts are impactful, we are still a long way from a systemic change in education, a change that prioritizes the importance of media literacy skill-building across discipline and age groups. 

This year’s conference will focus on the most important question of all: how do we ensure media literacy education is an essential part of our world? How do we as a community level up and make change? NAMLE’s 2022 conference is an opportunity to address these questions, build community, foster dialogue, and create change so that we all may live in a media literate world. 

For some, this will look like fine-tuning your teaching practice, for others, it might be sharing your latest research or learning about policy efforts in your state. Each one of us has an important role to play as educators, scholars, and advocates. It is time we come together to discuss and strategize how to scale our efforts and move forward to make media literacy education a priority for all.