2022 Conference Schedule

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This schedule is subject to change.

Audience Key

Note: The categories below represent the youngest audience/setting for which the session is recommended. Many sessions have multiple recommended audiences. Check individual session listings in the online conference platform for the full list of recommended audiences

National Media Literacy Alliance


Upper Elem/


High School+

Higher Education+

Continuing Ed




Opening Keynote
Mirrors, Windows, & Sliding Glass Doors: Building an Inclusive & Mindful Culture

Kenneth Shelton

2022 Media Literacy Teacher Award: Andrea DeGette

Voices of the Future: Pranav Karthikeyan




The Role of Media Literacy in Supporting Student Understanding and Critiquing the World through Mathematics

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

Trena Wilkerson, Seyoung Holte, Dr. Basil Conway, Iesha Smith

Reading the

Media K-3

Pamela Pereyra (she/her/hers)

“Violence is a Men’s Issue”: Teaching Masculinity with MEF’s Tough Guise and Tough Guise 2

Donica O'Malley

Super High-

Grade Cultural Appropriation: Using Social Media to Critique Consumer Culture

JuliAnna Ávila, Ph.D. (she/her/hers),
Karla Kingsley, Ph.D. (she/her/hers)

Media Literacy in US and Brazil: experiences from the capital cities

Fernando Oliveira Paulino, Diogo Lopes de Oliveira

Building Informed Citizenship Through Lateral Reading in Canada — “CTRL-F: Find the Facts” Curriculum and Study Findings

Jessica Elena Brodsky (she/her), Patricia J. Brooks (she/her), Ken Boyd (he/him), Brian Weishar (he/him), Jennifer Keay

Developing Media Literacy with Teens at the Library

Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA)

Siva Ramakrishnan, Rachel Roseberry, Kelly Czarnecki, Zachary Margolis


Depth & Complexity: Using Thinking Tools to Analyze Media & Current Events

NexGen News Laura Segre (she/her), Dr. Michelle McGuire (she/her)

Power, Prejudice, and Portrayals in News: Teaching Representation from a Critical News Literacy Perspective

Christine McWhorter (she/her)


Building a Media Literacy Scope and Sequence

Faith Rogow (she/her)


Los Angeles Times coverage of the Sleepy Lagoon Trial and the “Zoot Suit Riots” (1942-43)

Gwynne Ellen Ash (she/her/hers)

#FakeToFora – a curriculum on elections and democracy from a media literacy angle

Daniela Machado (she/her), Estevão Zillioli (he/him)

A Choice of Weapons: Inspired by Gordon Parks Portfolio Projects

Emily Keating (she/her), Chloe Fernandez (she/her)




Town Hall Conversation:
Media Literacy + Policy

Erin McNeill, Executive Director

Media Literacy Now

Town Hall Conversation:
Media Literacy + Mental Health

Sameer Hinduja, Co-Director

Cyberbullying Research Center




Youth Media Creation: Using social media as an engine to rev up school culture

Journalism Education Association (JEA)

Veronica Purvis, Erinn Harris,

Aaron Manfull, Joe Humphrey

Let's Speak Media Literacy!

Nadina Nicolici (she/her/hers)

Learn to Discern in Education – Strategy for Integration of Media Literacy into National Policy and Illustrative Integrated Lesson Plans

Maryna Dorosh, (she/her), Diana Ivanna Moshkovska, (she/her), Tetiana Karas, (she/her)

Mapping Media Literacy Programming to Counter Disinformation

Alexandra Woodward, Ran Zhu, Aleksandra Popovik, Christopher Wozniak, Daniel Johansson, Nicole D'souza

Habits and Routines: Lessons from Early Childhood Education about Media Literacy as a Foundation for Culturally Responsive Classrooms

Faith Rogow (she/her)

Cyber Citizenship Initiative

Jimmeka Anderson, Mikayla Brown

Nathan Fisk,

James Welsh,

Doubling Down on Cross-Curricular Media Literacy

National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS), National Council for Teachers of English (NCTE)

Lawrence Paska, Emily Kirkpatrick, RaShawna Sydnor


Teaching Digital & Media Literacy in an Era of Modern Day Propaganda

Dr. Jennifer L. Parker, Dr. Troy Hicks, Kathryn Grunow

Game Based Learning: Helping Students Build Media Literacy Muscle Memory

Dan Choe (he/him)

Global On-Ramp To Media Literacy

Linda Wiley, Monika Hanley, Michele Johnsen

Context Tracing: An Online Scavenger Hunt for Verification

Rosa Garza-Mourino, (she/her), Asa Wilder, (he/him)


Supporting Readiness through Vital Civic Empowerment (SRVCE) Curriculum & Professional Learning

Wendy Rivenburgh (she/hers), Destiny Warrior


Cyber Civics:

Media Literacy

for Positive Participation Lessons

Diana Graber,

Soni Albright

#ForYou: A Game About Algorithms

Matthew Johnson

Taking it online – EducaMídia’s Media Literacy MOOC for Educators

Mariana Ochs (she/her)

Evaluating Online Sources through Lateral Reading: An Introduction (online tutorial)

Andrea Baer, Daniel Kipnis




Lessons from Leaders: Civic Education

Louise Dubé, Executive Director, iCivics

Dr. Kimberly Moffitt, Moderator

2022 Media Literate Media Award: PBS Media Literacy Educator Certification by KQED




Futuro Media

Alejandra Salazar, Marta Martinez

Faiza Asha and Matt Suescun, PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs

2022 Media Literate Media Award Winner: Futuro Media

Voices of the Future: Sydney White, Black Girls Film Camp