Taylor Dumpson


Taylor A. Dumpson, Esq., is a nationally recognized anti-hate advocate and civil rights attorney, who works to combat white supremacy and prevent radicalization—both in-person and online—and support those impacted by hate. Following her inauguration as the first Black woman to be elected student government president at American University, Ms. Dumpson became the target of a racially- and gender-motivated hate crime and cyber-harassment in May 2017. Nevertheless, Ms. Dumpson fought back by pursuing litigation against the self-identified Neo-Nazis and white supremacists who attacked her online. In addition to receiving a favorable judgment in Dumpson v. Ade (2019), Ms. Dumpson also reached a landmark settlement with one of the defendants based on principles of restorative justice. This settlement is an example of taking a survivor-centered approach to deradicalize folks engaged in extremism and to build resilient communities. Today, Ms. Dumpson continues to raise awareness about the impact hate and white supremacy have on our communities and discusses ways to actively combat it, through writing, public speaking, congressional testimony, documentary film, working with tech leaders, and youth engagement.