Benjamin Thevenin

Media literacy researcher award

Benjamin Thevenin is an Associate Professor at Brigham Young University’s Department of Theatre & Media Arts. His studies focus on the relationship between youth, media, and civic engagement; particularly, how we can better prepare young people to become thoughtful citizens, consumers, and creators of media. He teaches classes on creativity, children’s culture, emerging media, and media literacy.

Benjamin’s book “Making Media Matter: Critical Literacy, Popular Culture and Creative Production” was published by Routledge earlier this year; it is a resource for media educators working to promote critical thinking, creativity, and civic engagement through their teaching. Connecting theory and research with creative projects and analyses of pop culture, the book models an integrated and practical approach to media education.

In addition to his research and teaching, Benjamin is also a screenwriter, media creator, and wannabe surfer. He, his wife Em, and their three boys split their time between the beautiful Wasatch Mountains and sunny Southern California.