Conference Overview

The NAMLE Conference brings together leading voices in the field to learn from each other and explore how best to advance the field.  This year’s conference is designed to facilitate the interaction of multiple perspectives on media literacy through a number of inter-related strands:

  • Voice & Narrative
  • News & Noise
  • Civic Participation
  • Culture & Community
  • Action & Resistance
  • Learning & Practice
  • Media Literacy’s Big Tent

Within each strand, a variety of breakout session types will be offered:

  • Presentation Sessions – This format groups 2-3 individual presentations according to a common theme. Presentation Sessions will include these 12-15 min. individual presentations, followed by a brief, moderated discussion.
  • Group Discussions – This format allows for 3-4 participants to present related research or projects. These group discussions can be organized as panel presentations or interactive workshops.
  • Dialogue Sessions – This format places two presenters with complimentary themes in dialogue with each other. Individual proposals will be selected and paired with each other by conference organizers. Dialogues may partner a theoretician with a practitioner, an educator with an activist, a media creator with a community organizer, etc.
  • Compelling Models – This format features youth media organizations, research centers or other organizations that are producing cutting-edge work in the fields of media literacy and civic engagement.  Organizations may be invited to design innovative session formats that best showcase their particular work.

Bracketing the sessions will be a variety of keynote and plenary sessions exploring media and democracy, grassroots community building, technological frontiers, and the professional development of educators.  Evening activities will allow time for informal interaction and celebration of pioneers in our field.

Our detailed conference agenda is being organized as we speak. We will have over 40 sessions and 100+ presenters sharing innovative and inspiring ideas, research and experience.

A detailed agenda with session descriptions and times in now available.

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